How Negative And Positive Ions Affect Your Health

How Negative And Positive Ions Affect Your Health

In everyday life, we are surrounded by things that we can see that could be a threat to our health. Whether it’s the weather, the pollution or even the food we eat. But there are a couple of negative health problems that can be caused by simply using a few electrical objects every day! As you all probably know, our magnetic bracelet that are infused with negative ions that are designed to increase blood flow, help with joint pain and work to help with your mental well-being.

If these negative ions do so much good, what do positive ions do, we hear you ask?

Let’s start from the beginning, with a little science of course! Everything that surrounds us, whether living or an object, consists of atoms. These are the smallest chemical elements that can exist, so everything is made up of millions of chemical atoms to form the objects you see in front of you. In short, atoms are the basic building blocks of ordinary matter.Atoms can come together to form millions of microscopic molecules, which in turn form most of the objects you see around you. Now here is where it becomes a little more detailed, each atom is formed with 3 different types of electric charges, known as ions.Positive, negative and neutral ions, but for now we ignore neutral ions. Negative ions are beneficial to the human body while positive ions are harmful.


Positive ions radiate from sources such as our mobile phones, computers and even fluorescent bulbs. We are exposed to all this every single day and unfortunately we cannot avoid it completely. We are exposed to these ions on a daily basis and can cause some significant health risks. It is known that it negatively affects the health of your respiratory system and can even affect your immune system.This is because the positive ions are so small that they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream simply because of the air you breathe.

It is believed that an excess of positively charged ions in one’s environment also directly affects mental health. With some studies showing that it has a direct effect on the fatigue of your bodies and a lack of energy and an increase in tension, anxiety and irritability.


The best resource for producing negative ions is fresh, clean air from the open spaces. However, since we cannot all live in such rural areas, it is difficult to get the benefits of these ions. Studies have shown that at sufficiently high concentrations, negative ions are known to clear air from harmful bacteria such as pollen, odors, cigarette smoke, viruses, dust and other hazardous particles present in the air. This purified airway results in a healthier respiratory system and increases blood flow to promote mental and physical well-being. This is where our magnetic bracelets comes in, our magnetic bracelets are designed to help boost the negative ions inside you that lead to that healthier life.

- How Negative And Positive Ions Affect Your Health

Seeing the positive benefits of negative ions, we decided to provide a product that will help you load your body and attract these ions to help you live a happier and healthier life. We are all exposed daily to more positive than negative ions. So it is important to try to surround yourself with things that increase your number of negative ions within your body. We just wanted to help with that.

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