The best-selling magnetic bracelet in USA: magnetotherapy

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Therapeutic Bracelet is the new bracelet with magnetotherapy with an elegant and exclusive design. Magnetotherapy improves blood flow, helps to have a healthy body by losing weight and helps fight fatigue.  The most requested and sold bracelet in Italy, designed in detail: solid closure that ensures the bracelet on the wrist. The color of titanium will suit any clothing, style and mood. Produced in limited series of high quality at a competitive price thanks to the sale exclusively online and on our site. The construction in pure titanium makes it stainless and practically indestructible.


Naturally rebalancing magnetic effect.

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Magnetism is a natural method used to maintain active metabolism by promoting healthy weight loss and a beautiful physique.It works by mobilizing the positive and negative ions present inside and outside the cells of our body, thus modifying the membrane potential and stimulating cellular activity.Also useful in cases of insomnia, headache, migraine, arthritis and joint pain.

Magnetotherapy has always helped man to recover in a natural way the full functionality and the usual well-being.
Magnets bring a quick benefit to those who accuse of illnesses and can be used at any age being free of contraindications.

How does magnetic therapy work?

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Magnetotherapy is a non-invasive therapy used especially in the treatment of pain and bone fractures; it is also used to reduce cellulite, since it seems to be effective for reabsorbing edemas, improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

✔ Electromagnetic fields stimulate the blood supply to the area where they are applied, improving blood circulation and decreasing inflammation.

✔ This renewed blood supply, increasing the local temperature (+3°) produces a vasodilation that “fluidifies” a possible contracture favoring:

the production of pain-relieving substances (endorphins);

the stimulation of cellular metabolism that helps the formation of protein particles (amino acids);

✔the stimulation of the immune system


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✔ Our bracelet is so elegant that no one would suspect that it is a portable therapeutic device!

✔ Unisex design that suits both men and women. The color of titanium will suit any clothing, style and mood.

✔ The bracelet is free of lead and nickel; hypoallergenic, much safer than traditional copper or stainless steel bracelets.


Therapeutic Bracelet

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